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Town Hall is responsible for the organization and operation of the Town of Taylorsville Public Works Department
which is headed up by Aaron Wike, Public Utilities Manager.

The main responsibilities of Public Works include but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintaining the water and wastewater systems
  • Keeping our town's streets maintained, paved & clean
  • Keeping our town's sidewalks clean
  • Maintaining public property areas such as grassy medians
  • Maintaining the Town Cemetery
  • Maintaining Matheson Park

As a matter of safety, our Public Works Department reminds everyone of the importance of keeping the town's fire hydrants free of obstructions. Also remember that flowers, shrubs, trees, mailbox posts, etc. should not be placed within 3 feet of a hydrant by NC law.

Perhaps the most important responsibility of our Public Works Department is maintaining the water and wastewater system for our town.

Drinking water must be filtered, disinfected and cleaned in accordance to the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agencies guidelines, but it is impossible to remove a certain amount of very fine sand and dirt. These particles in no way make the water unsafe for drinking or household use, however if they are allowed to continually build up in the system's water mains, it will cause damage to the pipes and make the customer's water look cloudy or dirty.

By flushing our Town's fire hydrants our Public Works can:

  • Keep the water clean and free of particles, such as very fine sand and dirt
  • Ensure the hydrant itself is in good and proper working order
  • Test hydrant flow which helps to determine the homeowner's insurance rating and the need for system improvements
  • Prevent corrosion build up in the water mains

The benefits of our Public Works department within the Town of Taylorsville are enjoyed by residents both inside and outside of the town limits, as is evident through the duties of Public Works maintaining our town's appearance & more.

In addition our Public Works Department changes the seasonal flags that line our town's sidewalks for the 4th of July, Apple Festival and Christmas; as well as assisting Energy United with the Town's Christmas decorations.


David Robinette, Maintenance Department

Brian Eades, Wastewater Plant Operator

Kelly Pennell, Water Distribution ORC

Warren Miller, Sewer Department

Darren Weaver, Sewer Department

Dustin Dillard, Sewer Department

Luke Robinette, Collection System ORC

John Dollar, Maintenance Department

Chris Hendren, Maintenance Department

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