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Taylorsville Town Council

The Town of Taylorsville has a Council/Manager form of government. The Taylorsville Town Council is made up of four Town Councilmen/Councilwomen who are elected by the residents within the town limits of Taylorsville.

Our Town Council welcomes you.

  • Kimberly S. Brown   
  • Jack H. Simms
  • Ronnie Robinette
  • Kenny Poole

The election for the Town Council is held every four years. The office of Town Council is a non-partisan office, meaning of course, that they do not represent any political party. Town Councilmen/Councilwomen must be a taxpayer of the Town of Taylorsville and a resident of Taylorsville for 90 days proceeding the day of the election. Our Town Councilmen/Councilwomen & Mayor receive a very modest compensation for their services, which basically covers expenses they incur as they carry out their responsibilities. The Mayor presides over the monthly Town Council meetings, at which the Town Councilmen/Councilwomen hear, review and make decisions on matters pertaining to the town with the information presented to them by the Town Manager and the input from residents that attend the Town Council meetings.



Town Of Taylorsville
Town Hall
67 Main Avenue Drive
Taylorsville, NC 28681
828-632-2218 Phone
828-632-7964 Fax

Council Chambers

Residents are encouraged to attend the monthly Town Council meetings held in the Council Chambers located beside Town Hall. The meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers at Town Hall, unless otherwise announced in the Taylorsville Times.

You can read about the items that were discussed during each Town Council meeting in the Taylorsville Times issue following the monthly Council meetings.

Town Hall and the Council Chambers are located directly across the street from the Old Jail Museum.

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